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Samba Version (for Linux)
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if (exists file "/bin/rpm") then ((version of it) of packages whose (name of it = "samba") of rpm) else if (exists file "/usr/bin/dpkg") then if (exists packages whose ((currently installed of it = true) and (name of it = "samba") and (((version of it) as string) contains ":")) of debianpackage) then (following text of first ":" of ((version of it) as string)) of packages whose ((currently installed of it = true) and (name of it = "samba")) of debianpackage else ((version of it) as string) of packages whose ((currently installed of it = true) and (name of it = "samba")) of debianpackage else ""

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TitleSamba Version (for Linux)
KeywordsSamba, Application Version, Linux
DescriptionReturns the version of Samba installed on a Linux machine. Tested with RHEL, Debian, & their descendants. Gets rid of the "#:" in Ubuntu packages for easier comparison.
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jgstew -
I'm referring to the relevance in my analysis, not in my comment.
jgstew -
The check for `currently installed` is only done for deb packages automatically with my relevance. Basically it only checks if it is `currently installed` if the inspector `currently installed` exists.
ctangora -
The only issue (maybe) with the ideal relevance is that "currently installed" is only relevant to the debian packages. What could be added to mark that as optional for only debian? Regardless, I love your new code. I was thinking of how to do it and put it on the backburner for another time. But looking at what you did I am excited to give it a try!
jgstew -
If the relevance inspectors worked the way they should, then this would work: ( (following text of first ":" of it | it) of (it as string) of versions of packages whose("samba" = name of it AND currently installed of it) of (debianpackages;rpms) )
jgstew -
I came up with a different way to do this: /analysis/details/2995915