Deploy - Silverlight - 5.1.50709.0 - Mac
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This fixlet is for Deploy - Silverlight - 5.1.50709.0 - Mac and was generated by William Easton as part of the C3 Patch offering. Access to this content is granted for free. If you make improvements to this fixlet please share them on or on the orginal content on If you have paid for access to this content or if you have issues with this fixlet please contact Strawgate on or comment on this piece of content on

Property Details

TitleDeploy - Silverlight - 5.1.50709.0 - Mac
SourceC3 Patch
Source SeverityUnspecified
Source Release Date10/10/2016 12:00:00 AM
Added by on 10/10/2016 7:26:21 PM
Last Modified by on 10/10/2016 7:26:21 PM
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(mac of operating system) and (version of operating system >= "10.6") and (if exists property "in proxy agent context" then ( not in proxy agent context ) else true) and (free space of filesystem of folder (pathname of client) > 15689185 * 2) and (not exists file "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Silverlight.plugin/Contents/Info.plist")


Action 1 (default)

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Script Type tdevropa-test Action Script
prefetch 070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8.dmg sha1:070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8 size:15689185 sha256:9BB96BC1A6B788E035377055F4953B793D5C6E32928E7A493A3385B9E37F9EDA

delete "/tmp/070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8.dmg"

move "__Download/070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8.dmg" "/tmp/070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8.dmg"

wait hdiutil attach -quiet -noautoopen -nobrowse -private -mountpoint "/tmp/BESMNTPT070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8" "/tmp/070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8.dmg"

wait sh -c "rm /tmp/070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8.dmg"

wait sh -c "cp -Rpn /tmp/BESMNTPT070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8/. /tmp/BESTEMP070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8"

wait /bin/sh -c "hdiutil detach -force `mount | grep /tmp/BESMNTPT070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8 | cut -f 1 -d \ | cut -f 3 -d / | head -1`"

wait installer -pkg "/tmp/BESTEMP070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8/silverlight.pkg" -target /

wait sh -c "rm -rf '/tmp/BESTEMP070204D0FC12F8956FB2A660D2F1F135536C04D8'"
Success Criteria

This action will be considered successful when the applicability relevance evaluates to false.


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